Nursing homes are actually not small in size. Although they may not be comparable to primary and secondary schools, they actually take time to thoroughly clean, including rooms, glass, ceilings, toilets, offices, etc., and even the kitchen responsible for three meals! This time, Masterclean went to a nursing home on Lao Wai Road to perform a deep cleaning for the recuperating elderly people, providing a more comfortable and cleaner environment for the elderly in the nursing home, and the elderly living in peace of mind.


Site: Lao Wai Road
Cleaning Time: Five working days
Services: Nursing Home Cleaning


When it comes to the cleaning of nursing homes, everyone will think of hospitals, schools, etc. You often see nurses and cleaners, so why do you need to ask a cleaning company for help? Because the contract of ordinary cleaners will be responsible for daily cleaning, such as taking out the garbage, cleaning the floor, etc., of course, it does not include professional cleaning services such as glass cleaning, kitchen cleaning and toilet cleaning. And the number of nursing home cleaners is not enough to carry out extensive cleaning at the same time, so finding a professional cleaning company can have a team to help you efficiently carry out a series of deep cleaning!

Nursing Home Cleaning-Our company offers regular cleaning services, details are as follows:Household CleaningKitchen CleaningAir Disinfection

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