Masterclean-廚房清潔 專業清潔劑去污清除油垢

This time, Masterclean has come to the kitchen of a restaurant thanks for the faith put in us by the client. However, our professional team is not so lucky to have a good meal but need to offer kitchen cleaning service according to the need of the customer.  After making efforts, every corner of the kitchen has been cleaned. With a tidy kitchen, chefs can definitely cook yummy meals!

Site:COS Centre, Kwun Tong
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Kitchen cleaning
Masterclean-廚房清潔 專業清潔劑去污清除油垢
Masterclean-廚房清潔 專業清潔劑去污清除油垢
Masterclean-廚房清潔 爐灶清潔 專業清潔劑去污清除油垢
Masterclean-廚房清潔 專業儀器深層清潔去油垢
Masterclean-廚房清潔 抽油煙機油垢污漬深層清潔
Masterclean-廚房清潔 檯面瓶瓶罐罐細緻清潔
Masterclean-廚房清潔 抽油煙機油垢污漬深層清潔
Masterclean-廚房清潔 表面噴灑消毒藥水,殺滅病毒和細菌
Masterclean-廚房清潔 抽油煙機拆卸深層清洗
Masterclean-廚房清潔 專業清潔劑去污去油垢更安全放心

Is there any magic method for kitchen cleaning? Are you worrying about the dirty grease trap that you have tried so many detergents but still ineffective in removing oil stains? Finding suitable cleaning tools is hard and getting to know the right cleaning steps is even harder. There is nothing to be worried about because here comes Masterclean! We have a specific kitchen cleaning service offering for restaurants to fix all those problems. Our professional team can make the kitchen into a spotless place for any chefs to flex their muscles!

Kitchen Cleaning-Our company offers regular cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/ClinicHouseholdDisinfection

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