Masterclean-家居裝修後清潔 玻璃去污垢 專業工具唔刮花玻璃

Want to clean up after renovation? After vacuuming and cleaning the room, you still find that you have to deal with the ceiling, glass, lampshade, and window sill cleaning! Are you afraid that an extract-long cleaning period will even cause more accumulation of dust? Look for Masterclean to help you. This time, Masterclean has gone to Redhill Peninsula to offer household post-renovation cleaning. During the cleaning, the construction difficulty and completion time have increased since there is still a small part of the decoration works in progress. But thanks to our team’s efforts paid to complete the task, customers are satisfied!

Site:Redhill Peninsula, Tai Tam
Cleaning Time:One working day
Cleaning Area:3000 foot
Services:Household post-renovation cleaning

After the renovation, the new house often left a lot of dust, paint stains, etc. Wiping and vacuuming can only remove shallow stains. For deep stubborn stains, it takes more. Once you have found a cleaning company for help, not only can they take care of the basic floor, wall, and brick cleaning and stain removal, they can also offer air conditioner cleaning with pest control service! You can truly enjoy a one-stop comprehensive household cleaning. In addition to the fixed cleaning projects, Masterclean is able to customize the cleaning plan according to the needs of customers, to ensure that the service meets their needs!

Household Post-renovation Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Post-renovation Cleaning, Household, Pest Control

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