Boutique Cleaning-Queen’s Road Central, Central

Masterclean-時裝店清潔 貨架基本除塵清潔 員工口罩手套佩戴齊全

Due to the epidemic, shops will strengthen the cleaning of facilities, including regular disinfection of toilets, handrails and public areas, providing alcohol hand rub and temperature measuring machines. Cleaning and disinfecting are even more important for fashion stores that need to meet a large number of customers and provide fitting services. This time, commissioned by the client, Masterclean went to the fashion store on Queen’s Road Central in Central for deep cleaning, even the display cabinets were completely cleaned!

Site:Queen’s Road Central, Central
Cleaning Time:One working day
Cleaning Area:6000 square foot
Services:Boutique cleaning
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 地面除塵去污基本清潔 員工口罩手套佩戴齊全
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 鏡面清潔 專業清潔劑乾淨有保障 玻璃刮避免鏡面水痕
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 地面除塵清潔 專業清潔儀器 清潔更高效
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 扶手欄杆玻璃基本除塵清潔 員工口罩手套佩戴齊全
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 貨架基本除塵清潔 員工口罩手套佩戴齊全
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 玻璃窗清潔 專業清潔劑不傷玻璃 無水痕
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 地面除塵去污基本清潔 員工口罩手套佩戴齊全
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 貨架基本除塵清潔 員工口罩手套佩戴齊全
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 貨架基本除塵清潔 員工口罩手套佩戴齊全
Masterclean-時裝店清潔 冷氣出風口基本除塵清潔

In response to the epidemic, the Canadian Retail Association once suggested that stores with fitting rooms should be disinfected and cleaned every time after used by customers, including seats, facilities for hanging shirts and door handles. However, it may be difficult for chain fashion stores with a large inflow of people. But regular disinfecting and cleaning of stores should be essential, including but not limited to store glass, furnishings, ventilation system. They all need to be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate germs!

Boutique Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/ Clinic、Air-Conditioner、Disinfection

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