Masterclean-遊戲機室清潔 使用洗地氈機高速清洗地

On behalf of the trust of the customer, the professional cleaning team of Masterclean has come to the popular amusement arcade to perform cleaning service and floor waxing. The floor has become shiny and clean so as the whole store, so please feel free to enjoy all amusements!

Site:501A, 5/F, Telford Plaza II, Kowloon Bay
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Amusement arcade cleaning and floor waxing

Many of us will find amusement arcades when we want to play games, but the cleaning work of the machines is not easy. It is not only about the number of cleaning times, but also the detergents and tools. Although regular cleaning can meet the need for daily cleaning, deep cleaning is necessary to refresh the whole place. When it comes to deep cleaning, professional cleaning companies that perform services including floor waxing and infection is definitely your choice!

Amusement Arcade Cleaning-Our company offers regular cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/Clinic、Carpet Cleaning、Disinfection

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