People may misunderstand that the construction site is a semi-open space and therefore does not need to be disinfected, but this is not the case. There will also be temporary offices on the site, so there are also people gathered. In the context of repeated COVID-19 epidemics, even if the epidemic prevention policy is properly arranged, the construction site should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to protect the health and safety of employees and workers.


Site: Construction site in Kwun Tong District
Service: AHP air disinfection service

This time, Masterclean was entrusted to come to the Kwun Tong District site for cleaning and disinfection. Whether it is an office or a meeting room, we use a professional spray disinfection machine to atomize medical-grade disinfectant (AHP air atomizing disinfectant) into small water droplets and spray it out. It thoroughly kills the bacteria and viruses on the construction site in a pervasive manner. It can quickly and efficiently kill the new crown (Cvoid-19) virus within 1 minute, effectively eliminate the virus threat on the construction site, and provide protection for the health of employees and workers. Compared with pure ultraviolet air disinfection, even household or commercial air disinfection machines are more effective and have stronger sterilizing ability. They can completely kill viruses and keep indoor air fresh.

Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: AHP® Patented Efficient Sterilization Scheme BRShield 180 Days Continues Killing Virus Coating

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