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Wooden Furniture Cleaning | A warm home must contain all kinds of furniture. From the living room to the kitchen and toilet, the daily life of a family may involve hundreds of pieces of furniture. Years of use lead to old furniture, but when it comes to cleaning, it is necessary to do maintenance for furniture with different materials. However, using an ordinary detergent for cleaning will have the chance to lead to permanent damage to the furniture. It will cost a lot of money and time to repair.


Wooden Furniture Should be Cleaned Carefully

There are a number of environmental factors that can lead to the damage of wooden furniture. The most common one is to ignore the uniqueness of wooden products, which is to ignore what is the correct cleaning method. Many people regard the furniture of all different material as unified and undertake cleaning with a cleaner. It causes the original burnish on wood to fade and cannot repair.

Next, people tend to ignore the maintenance. Wooden furniture needs to be dusted, cleaned, varnished, and waxed regularly to maintain luster and prevent damage. Unreasonable storage of furniture, such as exposing it to a damp environment or dust will lead to the damage and destruction of wooden furniture.

Different Cleaning Methods

Solid wooden furniture is suitable for warm water cleaning, but remember hot water is unfavorable for the long-term maintenance of wooden furniture. When cleaning, it is best to use maintenance oil to wipe over the furniture surface. The most important thing to pay attention to is not only to focus on cleaning the dirt but also to expand the cleaning range, about 20 cm. So, it can effectively avoid the obvious difference in color. Ordinary daily cleaning processes should follow the grain to remove dust. Do not need any cleaner in the process to lessen stimulation to the furniture surface.


Maintenance of Wooden Furniture

As for maintenance, the most important thing is to avoid the appearance of wood scratches. Scratches do not only affect the appearance of furniture, but also the service life of the furniture. So, always avoid contact between hard objects and the furniture.


If unfortunately there are scratches, you can choose to use the wax that is similar to the furniture color to fill the cracks. But the best way is to wax it again later to maintain the gloss.


If you want your solid wood furniture to spark all the time waxing is a very necessary process. Generally speaking, waxing every quarter time with special polishing wax is necessary. Remember to avoid buying the light agent of silicon resin, not only can it destroy furniture coating, but also jam the pore to hinder the permeability.

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The Natural Enemy

Cleaning and maintenance are important to wooden products, but we can not ignore their natural enemy – termites. Termites quickly build up colonies and have the opportunity to eat the wooden furniture in the house and damage the buildings. They are quite lethal and destructive. It is also important to do a good job of exterminating insects! It is worth noting that the growth of insects is related to the humidity of the air. Hong Kong is generally wet and rainy. As the air is wet, the wooden furniture should be placed to avoid air conditioning and heaters, also avoid direct sunlight, so as to reduce the risk of dampness and damage.

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