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Retail Cleaning – At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, we would like to wish you all a happy Chinese New Year and good health. Chinese people always pay attention to etiquette and customs, most of them will choose a good time to start work. Doing enough etiquette to expect everything to be smooth after the start of work. In addition to customs, more attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the shop, whether it is for the fortunes or the feeling of the guests.


When to Start Your Work?

Since the first day to the fourth day of the Chinese New Year is a public holiday, generally public institutions, enterprises will choose the fifth day (February 16) to open the market. Of course, if it is difficult to choose the day, the second choice is to choose the right time. Considering the day at 11 o ‘clock to noontime. The best date is the ninth day of the New Year (February 20), the auspicious time is also 11:00 to 1:00 noontime. The second option is to resume the business on the sixth day of the New Year (February 17), and the auspicious hour is from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.


Unlike shops, office workers are generally difficult to specify the date and time to start their work. In fact, you can choose to do some small starting ceremonies on auspicious days and times, such as wiping the table and chairs, sorting out documents and materials, cabinet sundries. They will also help to start the Chinese New Year and promote your career.


Attracting the God of Wealth

Due to the frequent flow of customers, the floor, escalator, ladder, glass, mirror, chair, and slippers in the shop are easy to be dirty. To increase customers’ consumption intentions, it is necessary to have daily cleaning and maintenance. We can clean the shop in advance in the Chinese New Year in addition to the routine cleaning before the store is opened. Clean the shop with the pomelo leaves and water, including display shelves and workstations, which means to wipe off all the mildew of the previous year and add more good luck to the cause of this year. Having a brand-new environment can give customers the highest quality shopping environment, create a more comfortable consumption space.


Pay Attention to Disinfection, Insect Control, and Rat Prevention

Recently many customers are facing rodent control problems. We provide professional, safe, and effective environmental disinfection and rodent control services. All the technicians are well trained and use green insecticides. There will be no secondary contamination or transmission. In addition, the staff has rich experience in disinfection and pest control, providing customers with good professional and technical services. With an inspection first, we develop the exclusive program form to completely solve the pest problem and create a pest-free environment for customers.


Choose a Professional Cleaning Service

The so-called year’s plan starts in the spring after the lunar New Year is the time to review the direction of the business. Cleanliness is so important to the image of the store, the health of the staff and the flow of people. Can it be ignored? If you are tired and busy, consider hiring MasterClean’s professional retail or office cleaning service to help you clean your workspace. Through WhatsApp 62112085 or contact our Customer Service Specialist via email at to plan your cleaning plan and make cleaning easy.

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