Biofuture Rodent Trapper

Redefining Traditional Rat Trapping Methods
Patented technology, Non-toxic and environmental

No chemical baits or toxic substances are used to trap rodent pests.
Effective rodent control, Protecting the health and safety of people, pets and the environment

Usage Scenarios:

No external power required;Suitable for indoor and outdoor use; Unafraid of the cold, the heat, the sun and the rain.
Suitable for livestock, tourism, catering, food and other industries; Private homes and various public areas such as parks, shopping centers, offices, etc. can be used.


High-tech eco- friendly rodent trapping products

BRT has been awarded many national and regional patents

Including China (Appearance Patent No.: 2023303967670 & Utility Model Patent No.: 2023216008099)*, Hong Kong, China (Appearance Patent No.: HK2321747.6) and Europe (Appearance Patent No.: 015028640-0001).
BRT does not use any chemical baits or toxic substances to trap harmful rodents.
Effective rodent control while protecting the health and safety of people, pets and the environment.

Note: * The representing patent is now in the process of application.

How BRT works:

Biofuture rodent trapper is an environmentally friendly device, the principle of which is to select the food rodents like to eat to lure them, the rodent will climb into the machine through the external ladder, and then through the electrical and mechanical system triggered by the trigger to turn over the platform, so that the rodent falls into the lower barrel of the rodent exterminator to form a capture.The BioHit bucket will render the rat unconscious and dead in one second, and the food and all parts involved are non-toxic.

BRT Six Features:

  • Special antimicrobial coating
    The surface of BRT is coated with a unique antimicrobial coating, which is 100% physically sterilized, safe and effective.
  • High efficiency capture
    BRT has been tested to be 50% more efficient than traditional rodent trapping methods.
  • Intelligent Electronic Counting
    Built-in spring mechanism intelligent counter, electronic screen intuitively shows the number of mice caught
  • Environmentally friendly
    Only natural and non-toxic baits are used, which are harmless to children and pets.
  • Effective and durable
    Non-disposable, reusable, continuous capture
  • Low maintenance costs
    No need for frequent monitoring, maintenance, replacement and cleaning; save time and effort.

BRT usable baits

You can use any type of food (preferably dry food) that rodents prefer as bait. This flexibility allows you to change the bait as the type of food preferred by the rodent changes!

Patents and Certifications:

BRT is patented in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and EU. Meanwhile, BRT has also obtained “China Commissioned Test: GB17799.3, GB/T 17799.1”, “CE (EMC+LVD): EN 55032, EN 55035, EN62368”, “FCC SDOC: Part 15B”, and “rohs 10: IEC62321”, and so on.

Procedure of use

Step 1
Find a suitable position with the ladder part facing the wall or other dark place at a distance of 10-15cm.

Step 2
Turn on the BRT, use a pen or similar object to make sure the sensor switch is normal, then twist the spring handle to tighten the bar and turn off the BRT.

Step 3
Separate the upper and lower parts of the machine, mix the BioHit liquid with water (15 liters in total) and pour it into the lower exterminator bucket and cross the indicator line.

Step 4
Set up the machine and place the bait along the ladder step by step.

Step 5
Open the top transparent lid and fill each bait slot with bait.

Step 6
Power up, BRT is ready

1)Please make sure the machine is off before you disassemble the parts.
2)Please make sure to wear gloves when operating the machine to prevent lingering human odor.

Product Specification

Making ABS Plastic
Size 330x440x630mm
Weights 7.5kg
Power Supply 9 Volt Battery