Masterclean-辦公室裝修後清潔 承諾在客戶指定時間內完清潔服務,準時交場

Post-Renovation Cleaning for a modern workplace

The workplace in this project covers 2 floors of more than fifty thousand square feet of a renovated industrial tower in Kwun Tong. To cope with the development of the customers, the whole workplace was renovated and turned into a modern workplace where we would found different functions rooms, conference rooms, storage rooms, pantries, private offices, and working areas. To provide a deep cleaning for the new workplace, we split the project into 2 main sections: before and after the installation of the furniture.

Before the installation of the furniture, we machine-cleaned hard floor, wipe-cleaned ceiling and lighting, wipe-cleaning fixed decorations and cabinets, wash and clean washrooms. After the installation of furniture, we wipe-cleaned the new furniture and other office appliances. Given the scale of the project, we only took 4 days to complete the entire workplace.

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