The pneumonia epidemic has continued this month. With the sale of disinfectants, portable negative ion air purifiers that can purify the air have become the darling of the public, but how to purify the air in public places?


Site: Tuen Mun Gas Station
Cleaning Time: 2 hours
Services: Spray Disinfection


Masterclean was commissioned today to go to a gas station in Tuen Mun to conduct large-scale air disinfection. Although the gas station is an open space, it cannot rule out the possibility of germs invading. MasterClean AHP ®patented efficient disinfection scheme: Using a Tb hospital-grade disinfectant Diversey Oxivir ® which is registered and certified by EPA and TGA, bacteria and viruses are killed quickly and efficiently within 1 minute, and we use professional sprayer, inject the disinfectant into the spray machine, atomize the disinfectant into small water droplets and spray them into the entire space, it completely killing the bacteria and viruses in the environment. Pay attention to health and safety when go out to refuel~


Spray Disinfection-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Disinfection

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