Rodent Control-Office in Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island

Rodent Control

Site:Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island
Area: 10000 square foot
Cleaning Time:one working day
Services:Rodent control


Rodent Control Tips

Rodent infestations in households or restaurants are quite common, but how about offices? In fact, it is still possible for rats to stay in the office even if most of the spaces are used to place documents. The snacks and fruits in the pantry or food residues may attract mouses anytime. Apart from poor hygiene caused by the infestation, different types of cable wires will be bitted and fell apart. Moreover, rats that carry Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli can cause infections. Thus, if there are restaurants in the same building as the office, the risk of infestations will increase. So, in order to prevent bigger troubles from happening, we have to take our action before mouses find comfortable places in the office.


Service Reviews

Do not want to be visited by a Mickey Mouse in the office? Rodent control is your best helper! Rat baits and lure traps do not fit your need the best since they may only offer part of the effect. Do you think you can get rid of mouses after using those traps? In fact, every hidden corner where you cannot reach is still their comfortable home in the office. The rodent control will have not only rat baits but spraying insecticide to kill the mouses. So, you can save Mickey Mouse for the tv cartoon but not in the office!


Rodent Control-Our company offers different kinds of cleaning services, details are as follows: Pest Control, Office/Commercial, Household

Disinfection Against COVID-19-Preparing for the Future Challenge

The third wave of the transmission of COVID-19 has taken place in Hong Kong since July. It has shown a sign of easing recently but the number of infection has been increasing after the resume of classes. We are having infection cases with unclear sources of transmission as well as small outbreaks.


our way of the prevention of transmission of COVID-19 has not reached the ending point yet. Every time when there is infection appears in a building, people that in charge will arrange a deep cleaning service. When seeing staff members with protective suits working around the places, you must be wondering what are they doing. So, it’s time to discover their work this time.