What Is Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a common toxic pollutant in indoor environment, which is colorless and has an emission-period of around 3 – 15 years. When the content of formaldehyde is in a high level, it makes the environment to have a strong and pungent smell. Normally, there are more than 3,000 kinds of constructional materials to contain contents of formaldehyde, which are mainly paints, fiber boards, plywoods, sound baffles and polystyrene, etc.

– US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirms “Formaldehyde” as a Carcinogen.
– International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) confirms “Formaldehyde” as Carcinogen for cancers of nose & throat.


When exposed a LOW content of Formaldehyde

– Post stimulating affects for eyes, nose, throat and respiration system; might cause chronic respiratory disease in the long run.
– Cause headache, giddiness and vomiting.
– Restrain the secretion of sweat gland, causing dryness of skins.


When exposed to a HIGH content of Formaldehyde

– Post stimulating affects for skins and mucous membrane, like eyes, nose, throat and respiration system; it might cause oedema, inflammation and fester, and even serious diseases like nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
– Cause hepatitis, pneumonia and post harmful effects for kidneys.
– Causes serious diseases especially for babies and pregnant women. During the pregnancy, it ceases the growth of embryos, causes an incomplete development of heart and brain. It might even lead to deformity of babies and miscarriage.



VOC ( Volatile organic compounds ) Monitor

– Masterclean uses the VOC Monitor by RAE®, from the USA.
– The most advanced VOC Monitor in the market.
– The built-in Photoionization Detector is able to measure the VOC content from 0 to 15,000 ppm within 3 seconds.



Environment Catalyst

– It is an advanced product of Japanese Innovation, which is natural and non-chemical.
– The ingredients of the product will react with oxygen, water and light to create “activated oxygens”, which will decompose toxic volatile organic compounds, like formaldehyde and benzene into water and carbon dioxide.
– This product is also formulated to disinfect surfaces, remove stink and inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds.


Environmental Catalyst is better than photocatalyst and CT catalyst

– 100% Made in Japan, 100% natural ingredients refined from natural green plants, non-polluting.
– 100% safe to human body ( including pregnant women, children and elderly people ).
– Remove stink and inhibit the growth of bacteria & molds.
– Able to decompose volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene.
– Prevent the appearance of dust mites and other insects.
– Has a pH value of 5.5-6.5; a weak acid solution; not damaging to furniture.
– Remain no residual of crystal nor powder.
– Take effect only around 30 minutes; result not affected by sunlight.


Service Flow

  • Step 1:Close all windows and doors, and measure the original content level of formaldehyde of the environment with VOC Monitor by RAE.
  • Step 2:Spray our formaldehyde remover on walls, furniture, cabinets and drawers, etc.
  • Step 3:After spraying the remover for all corners and areas, measure the content levet of formaldehyde.
  • Step 4:When the content level of formaldehyde return to the normal level, clients are allowed to return to the site.
  • Step 5:A complete report is provided for the clients.

VOC Removal Catalog

We have made a catalog to explain our VOC Removal Service in details. In the catalog, we will be able to find some experimental figure about the Formaldehyde Study and Environmental Catalyst. Please download the catalog from here.