Office / Commercial Building / Shop

Post-renovation cleaning for offices generally takes more effort than that for the household. As there are fewer ventilation systems and window, so after renovation, office, and shop often have

  • A lot of dust
  • Sand
  • Sawdust
  • Cement stain
  • Paint stain
  • Glue stain

Not only are they accumulated in the room, but they are also difficult to be removed. For stains that leave on higher places like the ceiling and water pipes are even more difficult to deal with.

MasterClean has a large professional team, equipped with professional machines, tools, and environmental cleaning agents. From the office of 100,000 feet to the shop of several hundred feet, MasterClean provides proper cleaning service. We promise to complete cleaning services within the time specified by customers to ensure the service quality and save the rental cost of customers.

Office / Commercial Building


Hospital / Clinic / Laboratory / Clean Room

Hospitals, clinics, laboratories and clean rooms require the highest level of cleaning quality and service, so efficient cleaning services are very important to customers. The company will meet the strict requirements of medical institutions for the selection of disinfection detergents.

Before starting any operation, hospital, clinic, laboratory and clean room must obtain accreditations like

  • GMP from the Department of Health
  • ISO 14644
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001

Targeting the related requirements, Masterclean uses hydrophilic and biodegradable formula environmental cleaners with low residue during service. (EPA certified environmental cleaners).

After the cleaning service is completed, Masterclean will commission a third-party laboratory in Hong Kong to test the bacterial content or PM2.5 air quality at the construction site to ensure that it meets the standard and submit a complete laboratory report.

Hospital / Clinic


Clean Room

Factory / Industrial Building / Warehouse Post-renovation Cleaning

After the renovation of factory or warehouse, the environment is generally extremely poor, and it requires many high-risk cleaning processes, such as
  • High-level shelf cleaning
  • Loading and unloading platform
  • Lifting devices cleaning
  • Cold or close storage cleaning
Attention must be paid to all safety measures and guidelines when performing such high-risk cleaning services. MasterClean has a large team of professional certified and licensed cleaning technicians, providing occupational safety training for employees, and preparing professional cleaning machinery and equipment for customers, for example
  • Mobile electric lifting platform
  • High-level aluminum frame worktable
  • Scissor Platform
To meet the challenges of different venues. Masterclean is capable of meeting the needs of our clients and performing their tasks well, regardless of the size of a factory building of hundreds of thousands of square feet or a common warehouse.

Household / Residence / Villa / Stand-alone House

The Whole House:

Ceiling, lamp trough and wall dust removal; doors, glass windows cleaning; air conditioner shell and dust screen cleaning; vacuuming and mopping.


Cleaning range hood, exhaust fan, microwave, refrigerator, glass windows, kitchen cabinet, cooking stove, tile surface and washing machine.


Tile surface, toilet, bath screen, bathtub/tank, wash basin, faucet, cabinet, exhaust fan, false ceiling surface.


Wardrobes, bookcase, tables, bed frames, doors, glass window and windowsills.

MasterClean Post-renovation Cleaning Five Service Guarantees

MasterClean Post-renovation Cleaning Five Service Guarantees