Post Renovation Cleaning

After renovation there is bound to be a lot of dust and dirt in your house or office, some of which you may not be able to see and notice. If you don’t thoroughly cleanse your entire house or office, all the accumulating dust and dirt can prove to be very harmful to your body.

By engaging our company, you can be sure of having nothing to worry about. With our experience and expertise, we know how to make your house or office sparkling clean and ensure that you move in to a comfortable house or office.

MasterClean Provides all around Post Renovation Cleaning as follow:

1. Office / Factory Post Renovation Cleaning Service

To cope with at least ten thousand square feet office or factory cleaning, our company provides sufficient manpower and equipment to handle the job. We provide the best service in term of short time. We guarantee that what you paid is worth more than you cost.

2. Household Post Renovation Cleaning Service

The flat is very dusty after renovation done even though contractor has cleaned.

You will need our one time post renovation house cleaning service to clean very thoroughly as renovating contractor wouldn’t clean your flat deeply.