Carpet Cleaning

Commercial building may have large area of carpeting that often get heavy foot traffic, accumulating large amounts of mold, fungus, stains, dust mites and dusty throughout the year. We offer different carpet cleaning solutions to prestigious business and private customers, to make sure your carpet will be cleaned deeply and throughout. All the materials we used may leave a fragrant smell and a soft feeling on the carpet.

1. Office / Commercial Carpet Deep Cleaning Service

MasterClean Johnson Carpet Deep Cleaning Service uses Johnson Diversey TASKI Tapi Extract C1b environmental cleaners. This method will allow water and cleaning materials to completely penetrate into the carpet to remove stain and dust. Followed by the suction machine to extract the sewage, your carpet will be cleaned deeply and throughout. It leaves a fragrant smell and a soft feeling on the carpet.

We also able to clean wall to wall covered staircases.

2. Household Carpet High Temperature Steam Cleaning Service

Our household carpet cleaning service are performed on-site, including Oriental Carpet, Silk Carpet, Wool Carpet, Wool Carpet, Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon etc.

We uses the powerful steam extraction machine to effectively deep clean carpets and remove the stain.

3. 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector Treatment

3M Scotchgard™ Protector Treatment protects carpets against acid-based stains like colored fruit drinks, soft drinks, gelatins etc. Revitalizes soil/stain protection on stain-resistant carpets. Protects against dirt, dust, mud and grime. It preserves appearance, resists soil, protects from spills and its effect lasts long.