Post-Renovation Cleaning-Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom

Post-Renovation Cleaning

It is almost the end of the year and we are all eager to renovate our home for the new year. However, how can we deal with the stains of paints? Our client this time has run into the same problem and find Masterclean to offer a one-step post-renovation cleaning and VOC removal service. Make sure to clean the house before moving in so that you can enjoy your new year, and of course, our professional team is as happy as our client with the support!

Site:Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Post-renovation cleaning, VOC removal

Speaking of cleaning after renovation, we must warn everyone about some points. As the devils are hidden in the details, there are cleaning companies that require clients to prepare their own cleaning tools! If you are looking for a one-step service, especially for cleaning the floor, it is afraid that a service which does not cover cleaning tools will make you regret it.

Post-Renovation Cleaning-Our company offers different cleaning services, details are as follows: Post-Renovation Cleaning, Disinfection, Household

Post-Renovation cleaning | The Mutated Virus

The pandemic situation in Hong Kong has worsened with a more powerful return. Referring to the past data. However, we have reached to one hundred infection cases using less than a week of time. In fact, the studies of America and Hong Kong have warned us that the virus has mutated. 

higher multiplying rate in upper respiratory tract.

In the middle of October, professor Chan Siu Chee had stated that the new virus strain has a higher infectivity to warn us the fourth outbreak is coming. Post-Renovation cleaning

While lately there is a report saying that the newest outbreak is coming from foreign virus strain.

Household Cleaning | get infected during cleaning?

The Health Department has discovered two related infections which are suspected to be infected during household cleaning processes. The department has stated that it is unclear whether they get infected from the cleaning or quarantine. Thus, it is recommended that people shall have enough protection when doing cleaning works.


Household Cleaning | the risk

Many of us have increased our times of household cleaning due to the pandemic. Besides the risk of accidentally transmitting the coronavirus during the processes, normal household contain many bacteria and viruses. There is a research telling that we can find over 340 types of bacteria on objects that we always get in touch with


it Post-Renovation cleaning like face masks and eye masks.

, including E.coli and molds. Although many bacteria will not cause a great harm with a low amount, they can still cause diarrhea like E.coli. Therefore, even if there is no coronavirus and we are hoping to conduct household cleaning.