Office Disinfection-Disinfectant Coating Service-Office in Tai Kok Tsui

Site:Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
Area:30000 square foot
Cleaning Time:one working day
Services:Office disinfection and disinfectant coating service

Office Disinfection and Disinfectant Coating Service Tips

When the pandemic has just started, people have already mentioned the nano disinfectant coating technology. However, in most cases, only public transports like buses and taxis will use it as the prevention of transmission of the viruses. Nowadays, many wise employers and management teams choose disinfectant coating to create a safe working environment. The coating is able to form an anti-bacterial layer on the surface of objects to prevent not only the coronavirus but also E. coli bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, and flu viruses. The most attractive point is that it is still effective after over a thousand times of wiping and cleaning.

Service Review

In order to make sure that the coating is really working, every step is important during the service. Our colleges will run the test before the service to understand the bacterial count of each spot in the office. The test will help them to determine the need for cleaning. The spraying service of coating will not dismiss any corners, ranging from the office desks to the common areas. After the spraying of coating, our colleges will run the test again and witness the decrease in the bacterial count. It shows that the coating is working and the disinfection service has a great effect.

Office Disinfection and Disinfectant Coating Service-Our company offers all-round cleaning and long-term effective coating service, details are as follows: Household, Retail/Clinic, Disinfection, Office/Commercial

Service Review

Although people seldom go shopping due to the pandemic, but many stores are still open, especially retail shops. So, sometimes customers who want to pick up products for taking a closer look may give up due to hygienic issues. Thus, if the shop is able to carry a full cleaning or disinfection, customers will feel safer to visit the store. Also, there is no need to worry about the transmission of diseases too!