Office Deep Cleaning-Exchange Tower, Kowloon Bay

office deep cleaning
Site:Exchange Tower in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Area:10000 square foot
Cleaning Time:one working day
ServicesQuarter deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control

Office Deep Cleaning Tips

We always say we have to do deep cleaning regularly, so what exactly is deep cleaning doing? In general, deep cleaning services have two main types. One of the types is about cleaning the places that we can barely touch during daily cleaning, ranging from shutters to the ceiling. Meanwhile, another type of deep cleaning is about all-round cleaning services. The deep cleaning plan will include the cleaning of the floor, the carpet, pest control, or even disinfection. Then, how to choose between these two types of services? That really depends on your own needs. If your office has regular floor cleaning and waxing and you think you don’t need any extra services, the first kind will be your choice. However, if you don’t want to consider a lot and hope that you can have a complete cleaning and disinfection service, the second kind will fit your needs more.

Service Reviews

The case this time is about cleaning a relatively large office, so we arrange all-round cleaning services. The services include carpet cleaning and pest control. Thus, we are always serious about our one-stop services. All employees in our company will do their best to provide the specific services that required by our customers even if they are not included in the original plan. if our customers have further needs, Masterclean shall provide what they want to make our customers happy!

Office Deep Cleaning-Our company offers all-round one-stop deep cleaning services, details are as follows: Office/Commercial, Carpet Cleaning, Pest Control

Post-Renovation Cleaning-the Basic

Different from normal cleaning, post-renovation cleaning needs to pay more attentions to special spots. The most basic part is to know the rubbish and dirt which are left over from the construction process. Then, the cement left on the walls and the floor, paints, silicon glues, water stains etc. are cleaning spots too. As many owners of the flats tend to ignore hidden spots like the drain and ceiling, the basic part of post-renovation cleaning is not yet been done.