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office carpet cleaning

Site:Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Area:8000 square foot
Cleaning Time:one working day
Services:Office carpet cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning Tips

From the perspective of interior design, placing a large piece of carpet can create the feeling of being comfortable and a carpet with special design can be engrossing too. However, it is not an easy task when talking about the maintenance of carpets. Carpets can be classified into two types in simple, artificial fiber and natural fiber. They have different ways of maintenance. Artificial fiber carpets have fewer chances to have molds or borers so regular vacuuming can do the cleaning work. Meanwhile, some kinds of such a type of carpets can be washed with water. As for natural fiber carpets, it takes more attention to their maintenance. They have a large chance to have molds or borers, especially when placing on a wooden floor or under furniture. Every kind of natural fiber has its own way of cleaning. Thus, the safest way to clean a large area of carpet, especially in the office, it’s to allow professional cleaning companies to do the work.

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Speaking of carpets, many offices will use carpets to cover a large area and act as the floor. Besides acting as a silencer, it gives the look of being professional.  As we are used to walking on the carpet, sometimes we will even forget the existence of the carpet. However, if we see the carpet on a normal floor, we shall realize its incredible ability to hide dirt and dust. Despite the daily vacuuming, it will be hard to clean the carpet when there are stains like the tea stain. Then, as stains accumulate, weird smells may appear. So, it is time to find a professional cleaning company to restore your beautiful carpet!

Office Carpet Cleaning – our company offers carpet cleaning services, details are as follows: Carpet Cleaning, Office/Commercial, Retail/Clinic

Office Carpet Cleaning Carpets

There are different materials of carpets and each of them has specific methods for handling instead of vacuuming them only. There are carpets made out of artificial fiber as well as natural materials. Taking care of carpets that made of natural materials requires special attentions. Cleaning pure wool carpets need to be aware of the detergents and cleaning brushes using.