Mini-Storages Cleaning-Industrial Building in Tuen Mun

Mini-Storages Cleaning

Site:Tuen Mun, New Territories
Cleaning Time:One working day
ServicesVacuuming the floor and working desk, toilet cleaning

Mini-Storages Cleaning Tips

Mini-storages are perfect for those who live in nano-flats nowadays. However, do not be misled that you do not have to take care of them. Even the main purpose of those storages is storing but that doesn’t mean that no one will go in and out of the place. Employees who guard the place, porters, or customers will enter the place from time to time. Thus, the small and poor-ventilated area is the best for transmitting bacteria. Lately, when we try to track the origin of transmission, the worst situation is not knowing the contact between people. The most scaring point is that we have no idea about where have we touched to get the viruses. Meanwhile, we do not have the chances to wash hands anytime. So, in order to provide more protection, managers of mini-storages shall arrange regular cleaning, especially for the toilet and working desk. It helps to cut down the transmission pathways.

Service Reviews

Those who like to purchase different products may have an idea of renting mini-storages, but after some time, the storages are already full. So, it is important for us to tidy our storages regularly. There are not only customers who need to take care of the storage. The management team of the place will be so kind if it can arrange regular cleaning to protect the people passing in and out. 

Mini-Storages Cleaning-Our company offers different kinds of cleaning services, details are as follows: Office/Commercial, Retail/Clinic, Disinfection

Mini-Storages 之見聞

 係 過 食 完 飯 都 拿 拿 聲 戴 返,  以 為咁 就 可  以放 心 啦 ,  但查 實 病 毒 傳 播 性 高 咗 , 我 哋 呢 啲 小 市 民 迷你倉清潔 都 係 時 候 提 高 應  往 一 週 再 達 高 峰 , 黃 大 仙 、 沙 田 有 群 組 感染,各 區 都 有 零 碎 個 案 , 都 咪 話 唔 擔 心 ! 依 家 出 親 街 都  戴 口 罩 ,變 等 級 ,掃 清 防 疫 盲 點,先 可 以 全 面 保 護 自 己 !

Office Cleaning Assistant | Insurance

In the past, there are employers who are unwilling to purchase insurance for the cleaning staff due the budget. Of course, no one will care about it when nothing has happened. However, when the cleaning assistants have injured their hands or waists at work. the company will face complicated and continuous claims. in this case, cleaning companies shall deal with clients to prevent the above situation from happening.