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Masterclean is honoured to have our client for trusting us and handing over a big cleaning job of the whole building. Our professional cleaning team has taken over this mission and completed it perfectly to make sure that the environment is pleasant.

Site:Bright Growth Medical Centre, Nathan Road, Jordan
Cleaning Time:One working day
ServicesBuilding cleaning

The cleaning of the medical centre is important. As many clinics will hire individual cleaning helpers to take care of works like apparatus cleaning, building cleaning is not unusual. Especially when during a pandemic and everyone is busy with sanitizing anything, a place that accumulates so many clinics shall definitely go through disinfection processes. Spots like the elevators, handrails, and doors are cleaned with sanitizing detergents. Along with the cleaning of the backstair, the whole cleaning work is really comprehensive.

Medical Centre Cleaning-Our company offers various cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/Clinic, Disinfection, Air-conditioner

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The use of paint in Hong Kong is relatively high as renovations are common. However, there is a huge problem that is how to clean up those How is the stains of paints related to the type of paints? What are the points to be noticed? Let’s clear all the mess together! Medic Cleaning

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Lately, it has been so many different types of paints in the market, and somebody will purchase different colours or brands of paints by themselves. Then, they choose to mix them in order to get an unique colour. This method can really make a specific colour, but once the mixed paints are dropped onto the floor or any surfaces, it requires special cares when cleaning.

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Medical Centre Cleaning. As the content and colours of paints are different, the cleaning methods are also different. People in Hong Kong use mostly water-based paints or emulsion paints. If the cleaning area is only a few small stains, using warm water to wipe them off will do the work. Meanwhile.