Marble Floor Maintenance-1 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Site:32/F, 1 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Cleaning Time:one working day
ServicesMarble floor cleaning and maintenance services

Marble Floor Maintenance Tips

Many households or companies will have a marble floor due to its special texture. A marble floor can establish the sense of luxurious and sumptuous. Although the price of the marble floor will be higher than that of other textures, the durability of the marble floor is much higher since it is natural. Meanwhile, the marble floor is not easy being hurt by small scratches. If the floor is maintained properly, the durability is sometimes higher than the floor that is made of other textures. However, be aware that the porosity of the marble floor allows it to have etchings and water stains easily, or even oxidize to become yellow in color. So, to prevent the marble floor from losing its glow, owners have to polish it regularly to use specific detergents to clean it. it is also suggested that waxing the floor every nine to twelve months is needed.

Service Reviews

The marble floor is really attractive to most of us but once we have acknowledged the time and effort needed to maintain it, we often draw back. Our customer this time has a large area of marble floor in the office, which makes all people feel gorgeous from the first moment we have looked at it. After our cleaning service, the marble floor has become even more shiny and splendid. If you are looking for a chance to rejuvenate your marble floor, Masterclean is always your best partner!

Marble Floor Maintenance-Our company offers different kinds of cleaning services, details are as follows: Marble / Tile / Vinyl Floor, Retail/Clinic, Household

All-Round Cleaning Tips

How to do an all-round cleaning? Of course the best is after renovation. When the products and can target every spots to do the disinfection. From the wall to the shelves. Disinfectant coatings can be applied to every corners of the even small bacteria and be erased.