Household Post-Renovation Cleaning -Tung Yuk Court

Site:Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong
Area:900 square foot
Cleaning Time:one working day
Services:household post-renovation cleaning and VOC removal

Household Post-Renovation Cleaning Tips

The IARC under the WHO has classified formaldehyde as one of the Group 1 carcinogenic agents. It has also pointed out that an excessive amount of formaldehyde or long period explosion to formaldehyde shall lead to Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma or even blood cancer. The CAEPI has stated that 90% of children who are suffering from blood cancer had their home renovated. 80% of those households had an excessive amount of formaldehyde remaining in the area after renovation. It is really an invisible killer! Besides the negative impact of formaldehyde, households are normally facing rare stains that people may not know how to deal with. Stains like emulsion paint and cement are specific which makes people do not know what detergents should be used to clean those stains. Some people are afraid of hurting the furniture or floor while cleaning the stains. So, as most people will do, get yourself a professional cleaning company to handle the post-renovation process shall be the best.

Service Reviews

We are always delighted to take cases of household post-renovation cleaning services. As in Hong Kong, people work very hard to build their homes. People choose to renovate the whole place so that they can have a better living environment. Meanwhile, in order to allow children, pregnant women, and pets to live healthily, it is time for us to show our magic power! Participating in one of the important moments of our clients’ lives surely shows the trust given by them to our company, which we will be honored to keep witnessing more happy moments in the future.

Household Post-Renovation Cleaning- our company offers household post-renovation cleaning services, details are as follows: Post-Renovation Cleaning, Voc Removal, Household

Carpet Cleaning-Mind Your Cleaning Methods!

Many companies and households will use carpets as part of the decoration and protection of floor. However, the bacterial count on the carpet is in fact surprisingly high. Research has shown that one household carpet is ten times dirtier than the toilet seat. The time required for cleaning carpets are different depending on the methods using like vacuuming and deep cleaning.


Knowing the Categories of Different Carpets

There are different materials of carpets and each of them has specific methods for handling instead of vacuuming them only. There are carpets made out of artificial fiber as well as natural materials. Taking care of carpets that made of natural materials requires special attentions. Cleaning pure wool carpets need to be aware of the detergents and cleaning brushes using.