Food Factory Cleaning-Southeast Industrial Building

Food Factory Cleaning

We all know a lot about the catering industry, but when it comes to food production or food processing, we may not be so familiar with it. From ice cream to sashimi, the safety of products sold in supermarkets or restaurants is closely related to the cleanliness of the production factory. There may even be bacterial invasion! Therefore, regular cleaning of the factory is a top priority. This time, Masterclean has gone to Southeast Industrial Building in Tsuen Wan to help clean the food production factory and ensure environmental hygiene.

Site:Southeast Industrial Building, Tsuen Wan
Cleaning Time:One working day
Cleaning Area:7000 square foot
ServicesFood factory cleaning


A few years before, the news pointed out that the Consumer Council detected ice cream with an excessive coliform group. From time to time we will hear salmonella, Coli bacillus and other bacteria that are hidden in the food and cause diarrhea. In fact, to do a good job of prevention, in addition to avoiding eating uncooked food, food manufacturers must take responsibility. Cleaning the whole factory and equipment is essential to ensure the safety of the food production process.


Food Factory Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Disinfection, Retail/Clinic, Pest Control

Food Factory Cleaning | Avoiding the Traps

Household cleaning-It is definitely a good way to prevent COVID-19 by cleaning your house regularly. However, there were cases that are suspected to be infected during the household cleaning processes. Food Factory Cleaning with protection once you are performing deep cleaning processes.


Food Factory 

In the past years, we have reminded our employees to gear up themselves Food Factory Cleaning. So, what viruses are present in the household and what kind of cleaning tools are recommended? We shall figure it out!

Household Cleaning | get infected during cleaning?

The Health Department has discovered two related infections which are suspected to be infected during household cleaning processes. A 29-years-old man and a 52-years-old man have returned to Hong Kong with no symptom.