Disinfection-Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung


During the repeated outbreaks of the pandemic, many public places are closed or operated to a limited extent. Taking advantage of the reduced flow of people, disinfection services are conducted to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. Therefore, with the trust of our customers, Masterclean went to The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Tung Chung Integrated Service Centre. Our professional team conducted the disinfection service for sterilization and protection as we hope that it will be reopened in the near future!

Site:The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Tung Chung Integrated Service Centre, Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung
Cleaning Time:One working day

With the popularization of disinfection and purification technology, there are different disinfection machines and sprays on the market. On the one hand, it is difficult to cover the whole place with small disinfecting sprays. On the other hand, disinfection machines have to be cleaned regularly and people need to choose the right disinfectants. Therefore, it will be best to find experts to help in order to maximize the effectiveness of disinfection.

Disinfection-Our company offers different kinds of disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Disinfection, Carpet Cleaning, Household

Household Cleaning | Avoiding the Traps

Household cleaning-It is definitely a good way to prevent COVID-19 by cleaning your house regularly. disinfection However, there were cases that are suspected to be infected during the household cleaning processes. In fact, it is a must to know about the traps in cleaning and be armed with protection once you are performing deep cleaning processes. In the past years, we have reminded our employees to gear up themselves even if they are on their regular mission of household cleaning. So, what viruses are present in the household and what kind of cleaning tools are recommended? We shall figure it out!

Household Cleaning | get infected during cleaning?

The Health Department has discovered two related infections which are suspected to be infected during household cleaning processes. A 29-years-old man and a 52-years-old man have returned to Hong Kong with no symptom. They are later confirmed to be infected after their arrival. Both of them have performed household cleaning wearing face masks before the confirmation. The department has stated that it is unclear whether they get infected from the cleaning or quarantine. Thus, it is recommended that people shall have enough protection when doing cleaning works and take care of the objects with diluted bleach.