Disinfection of Public Area-Bank in Harcourt Road, Admiralty

Site: Harcourt Road, Admiralty
Area: 10000 square foot
Cleaning Time: One working day
Services: Disinfection

Disinfection of Public Area Tips

As the pandemic continues, the market of sanitizing products is making a great fortune. Meanwhile, portable negative ion air purifiers have become one of the hot products. However, can these air purifiers do the same way as disinfection when going to public areas? The Consumer Council has tested some portable negative ion air purifiers and realizing that their sanitizing rate can only reach 80%. Also, this kind of air purifier does not have filters, which may cause the air pollutants to maintain in the air as well as secondary contamination. Thus, if there is a need for purifying air, a small machine is not enough. For more protection in public areas, besides wearing face masks and sterilizing your hands frequently, the managers of public areas need to use disinfection service for sanitizing every spot of the places.

Service Review

People may think that banks play only a very small role in the transmission of bacteria as there is glass separating the staff and customers. Comparing to restaurants and bars, there are fewer contacts between customers in banks, so people may assume the risk of transmission will be definitely lower. However, the devil is in details, research of CSIRO has shown that COVID-19 viruses can live on banknotes for 28 days! In fact, public areas with a lot of people coming in and out have a high risk of transmission even with no direct contact with each other. The viruses are able to maintain in the air of poor-ventilated spaces. So, Masterclean is responsible for the disinfection work this time for a bank, which really ensures the safety of customers going to the bank.

Disinfection of Public Area-Our company offers different kinds of disinfection services, details are as follows: Disinfection, Retail/Clinic, VOC Removal

Disinfection Against COVID-19-The Disinfectant

People always think the staff members are only spraying normal sanitising disinfectant. However, talking about disinfection, our company has introduced a special disinfectant from US. The disinfectant is used by hospitals in Hong Kong. It is also registered in United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is able to kill 99.9% of normal pathogens.