Construction Site Disinfection-Disneyland, Lantau Island

Construction Site Disinfection

After experiencing the earlier outbreak of the construction site clusters, few sites have applied disinfection. Construction workers are often unable to wear masks for long periods of time during work, which greatly increases the risk of transmission of the virus. It makes construction sites a high-risk place for transmission. Do not want to wait until there is a confirmed case outbreak to arrange disinfection?  This time, Masterclean has gone to the construction site of Disneyland for thorough disinfection and prevention!


Site:Disneyland construction site, Lantau Island
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Construction site disinfection


Due to the high risk of virus transmission in construction sites, there are special spots to be paid attention to when conducting disinfection. In addition to the working area, because the construction workers will use the containers as changing rooms, the chance of cross-contamination will increase. Meanwhile, the workers’ rest areas and dining areas are also high-risk places. Although it is ideal to distribute workers’ dressing, rest, and dining spaces, it is often the most convenient and affordable way to find a professional cleaning company to conduct disinfection and cleaning services on a regular basis.

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Construction Site Disinfection | Frequent Use of Detergents Makes Troubles?

Pet Cleaning | COVID-19 has affected lifestyles and economies around the world, and we’re living in the dark for the whole of 2020. Not only people’s life, work and mood change, but also the pets are suffering. Last year, there were reports of cats and dogs infected with COVID-19, and everyone was worried about it. Disinfection Recently, we learned that many families did not pay attention to the use of detergent led to the poisoning in pets. Let’s discuss how we can disinfect regularly while also protect our pets.

Construction Site Disinfection ddd

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people have intensively disinfected their homes. It is common practice for the general public to use 1:99 diluted bleach or common household cleaners for disinfection and household cleaning. However, these common cleaners contain substances harmful to the body of dogs and cats. Most cleaners contain bleach, ammonia, glycol ether or formaldehyde, which can cause cancer, anemia or liver and kidney damage of pets, according to SPCA Hong Kong. Construction Site Disinfection for liver detoxification, making it difficult or even impossible to effectively dissolve toxic chemicals in household disinfectants. It’s not easy to do your job when taking care of your pets.

Construction -The Increase in Risk

In the past, there have been cases of dogs and cats being poisoned because householders failed to clean up thoroughly. A certain poisonous substances may have residue in floors, furniture, and even toys that pets often touch. When a cat or dog laps up harmful substances, there is a chance that in the long run they can be harmful and even fatal. Construction Site Disinfection sorb them into the body through skin, breathing and eating.