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Anti-epidemic Disinfection

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Anti-epidemic Disinfection Tips

There are several new products in the market of anti-epidemic products lately. Netizens are recommending disinfectant sprayers, which produce disinfection mist from disinfectants. Also, they are claiming that the sprayers are capable of disinfecting large areas like offices and households. However, inhaling a large number of disinfectants through such means can bring damages to our lungs. Long-term inhalation of such a form of disinfectants can even lead to poisoning! Meanwhile, turning disinfectants with alcohol content into the form of mist by such means can cause fire hazards too. So, it is better to allow professional cleaning companies to take care of disinfection using specific tools.

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The transmission of the viruses has seemed to be unstoppable. Despite the pandemic, many of us still have to work to make a living. So, the best employers for employees are companies who are willing to have preventive strategies for the transmission of the viruses. It is not only about putting a few sterilizers in the office but arranges an all-round service of disinfection for the office. Besides protecting the health of employees, it will be a great help for the whole city in the prevention of transmission of viruses.

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Anti-epidemic Disinfection

Summer in Hong Kong is moist and hot. Thus, the indoor humidity level often stands high Anti-epidemic Disinfection all day. With the high humidity, bacteria grow easily on furniture. When a huge number of bacteria accumulate on furniture, mold will appear along with ugly spots. Then, the mold can cause allergies in respiration. Besides, dander from our bodies can also accumulate on fabric chairs or sofa to become food of mites. Although some kinds of sofa allow us to clean them ourselves and get rid of the mold, but they often require specific cleaning chemicals.