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At MasterClean Group, We offer various services, like cleaning service, disinfection, integrated pest control service and products ( air purifiers, different hygienic innovations products, etc.)to meet the needs of the customer.

We concentrate on ensuring that our hygienic solutions meet your budget requirements. With a Quality with no doubt.


masterclean - working area desk
Office Cleaning
According to the cleaning requirements and working hours of different companies, the service can be adjusted through flexible contract details, which our professional training can also ensure the efficiency of cleaning.
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Formaldehyde Removal
 From the detection of formaldehyde concentration to formaldehyde removal, antibacterial and deodorization services, as well as the final submission of detailed test report.
masterclean - clean home
Household Cleaning/ Spring Clean
According to the needs of different customers, and carefully selects the appropriate environmentally friendly cleaning agents to ensure that the elderly, infants and pets are fully protected.
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Pest Control

Our Pest Management Professionals will select Green Pesticides or Biological Pesticides that only be found in the nature or plants and we will create a customized treatment and service proposal that effectively targets your needs.

masterclean - work with hospital
Retail/ Kitchen/ Medical Center Cleaning
Professional cleaning workers with well-developed codes of management, providing cleaning services for glass, carpet, signboard, floorboard and kitchen.
masterclean - kill virus
our services can achieve a better effect of disinfection compared with pure UV disinfection or household disinfection machine. Not only can our services kill viruses in a comprehensive way.

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