Sanitization Anytime to Protect Yourself

Sanitization Anytime
Wash your hands! Washing hands is really important under the outbreak of COVID-19. Despite washing hands and wearing face masks, there is something much more essential that we shall not neglect. Research on The New England Journal of Medicine has discovered that the virus can exist and stay alive in droplets for 3 hours. Also, the virus can float in the air for a few hours. It can stay alive for that long no matter it is on a doorknob, plastic coating, or any hard surfaces. So, it is time to think more about eliminating bacteria and viruses in the surroundings than just on our bodies.

Sanitization Anytime-Disinfection

Disinfection often refers to spraying extra-strong disinfectants in any indoor environment. In fact, it is able to clean furniture and places where we are hard to reach normally, like the ceilings and the top of closets. Besides, it can also sterilize the air through the circulation system of air-conditioning and eliminate the bacteria in the air.

Sanitization Anytime-Disinfectant Coating

Due to the pandemic, many techniques and promotions against disinfectant coating have derived. Disinfectant coating refers to the coating formed after spraying sanitizing solutions, which can last for 2 to 3 months. The application of coating for protection is wide, ranging from metal to glass. So, many facilities that always packed with crowds like schools and buses apply such techniques.

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Blind Spots in Household Disinfection Work

We always remember to clean our living rooms and bedrooms, but do not forget the bathrooms and air-conditionings! The accumulation of water of the water tank can cause the multiplying of bacteria. So, make sure to clean your water tank of the toilet from time to time. Besides, the government also encourages us to clean the air filters of air-conditioning systems regularly to build a well-ventilated room. It helps preventing the staying of the virus in the air.