Post-Renovation Cleaning-Things You Have to Consider After Renovation

post-renovation cleaning

As the number of infections has decreased, the government is relaxing the preventive measures against the transmission of COVID-19. Despite the prevention of transmission of viruses is only a small part of our lives, we have places to clean regularly. Many citizens are moving to a new unit due to the decrease in property prices and facing difficulties in cleaning after a renovation. From normal dusting to VOC removal, there is a lot of work to be done. So what are the things that you have to do after your renovation? Let’s figure it out!

Post-Renovation Cleaning-the Basic

Different from normal cleaning, post-renovation cleaning needs to pay more attention to special spots. The most basic part is to know the rubbish and dirt which are left from the construction process. Then, the cement left on the walls and the floor, paints, silicon glues, water stains, etc. are cleaning spots too. As many owners of the flats tend to ignore hidden spots like the drain and ceiling, the basic part of post-renovation cleaning is not yet been done.

Post-Renovation Cleaning-DIY?

Of course, you can handle the basic part of post-renovation cleaning, but you cannot deny that the workload is large. When it comes to professional tools and detergents, maybe you are not able to handle it yourself anymore. Stains that left from the renovation will be harder to clean after the furniture has arrived.

Qualified cleaning companies that take care of household cleaning can help you to save more time and clean better than yourself. Besides time and efforts, taking care of household cleaning after renovation can hardly remove all toxic substances easily and completely. When many households after a renovation may contain formaldehyde, it takes more time to remove it and there can be a long delay of the date of moving in. For professional cleaning companies, they have specific VOC removal tools to remove formaldehyde after renovation effectively.

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people work very hard to build their home. People choose to renovate the whole place so a better living environment. Meanwhile, women and pets to live healthily, it is time for us to show our magic power! Participating  clients’ lives surely by them to our company,  happiness moments in the future. The International Agency for Research on Cancer as one of the group 1 agents. It has also pointed out that excessive amount of  explosion to formaldehyde shall lead to or even blood cancer.