Cleaning Work Under COVID-19-How to Protect Yourself in Public Area


The cluster of Kwai Tsing Container Terminals is one of the largest in the third wave of coronavirus infections in Hong Kong. The Health Department has discovered that the workers of the terminals share a lounge area, including public facilities like beds. Thus, the virus could have spread in that area. As we are always told not to touch public installations or equipment, but we cannot always avoid doing so. So, how can we do in our daily lives to prevent the transmission of viruses when using public facilities.


Sanitization for Public Facilities

Many people will sit on the sofas or chairs in the office during lunch break time to relax a bit. However, the action may cause the transmission of viruses. The simplest advice is to stay in your seat and get up to stretch your body for relaxation. If there is really a need to use the lounge area, please use alcohol-based sanitizer spray for sanitization before sitting in any place. The sofas in public areas do not get much attention normally with only wiping them with water. Actually, textile materials may allow droplets with viruses to stay more easily. Thus, finding a professional cleaning company to take care of them is crucial.


Washing Hands and Deep Cleaning

Although we are always being told to wash our hands, it is really the golden rule to prevent the transmission of diseases. Even if you have accidentally touched contaminated facilities, washing your hands can prevent you from being infected with the disease. Besides washing hands, cleaning work under the pandemic is also about blind spots cleaning, ranging from the household curtains to the office window. If you want to get a deep cleaning, a professional cleaning company can always help.


Cleaning Work Under COVID-19- Our company offers all-round cleaning services; details are as follows: Office/Commercial, Disinfection, Air-conditioner

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