About Us

About Us

A Commitment To Profession.

Established in 2011. MasterClean Carpet Systems Limited has gained a fast and all-round development in the past few years, and become one of the best cleaning service providers in Hong Kong.

We are a team of professional cleaning workers with the well-developed codes of management. We believe that we are the best qualified and the most competent service provider.



According to the aim of the association, MasterClean has been aiming to improve hygiene, cleanse, sanitize, indoor air quality (IAQ) and benefits and welfare in the pest control industry, as well as improving the standard of service via training and educations. Also, MasterClean is always seeking advice for practice and safety standards proactively.

MasterClean has been also encouraged to establish and maintain high standard serviceability, knowledge and skills by the associations and shareholders mentioned below. This raises the awareness and acceptance of the Health and environment industry to the public. The ideas of health, cosy, safe and convenience are promoting by the Health and environment industry to the public.

ISO certification

What is an ISO certification?

ISO certification is certified by the third party according to the ISO international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organisations.

ISO is an independent non-government organisation that gathered shared knowledge from professionals to establish international standards to maintain the quality, safety efficiency of products, service and management systems. Besides, supporting technological innovation and providing solutions for the global.

Why does MasterClean require an ISO certification?

As ISO certification was shown, MasterClean is stable, high quality and continuously growing in business. It has a well-established business management structure, as well as focusing on environmental issues, social responsibility, and the well-being of the employees.

ISO offers MasterClean greater credibility which shows our determination to achieve service goals. Thus, this raises the confidence of our clients in our products and services.
ISO 9001
Quality Management System
ISO 14001
Environmental management systems
ISO 45001
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OH&SMS)
Pest Control Personnel Association of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Cleaning Association Limited
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

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