About Us

About Us

A Commitment To Profession.

Established in 2011. MasterClean Carpet Systems Limited has gained a fast and all-round development in the past few years, and become one of the best cleaning service providers in Hong Kong.

We are a team of professional cleaning workers with the well-developed codes of management. We believe that we are the best qualified and the most competent service provider.




Customer Orientation

We listen to customers for providing the right service at the right time and in the right place.


Human Orientation

Normal people can achieve great things. We help our people build their self-confidence and success.


Environment Protection

Environmentally Friendly ingredients used, toxic chemicals avoided, to ensure safe and green services.


Customer Protection

A third-party liability insurance oh HK$10,000,000 is provided to protect customers’ properties.

Operation Team

Sufficient manpower to ensure timely and effective services for all projects.



Complete job trainings for all workers ensure their competences and professions.


All Round Services

With a wide range of services, we guarantee to provide you with the one-stop service.


Credibility & Reliability

With many years of experience in the market, we gain trust and fame from customers.



As a leading corporate of comprehensive environmental services, MasterClean is dedicated to being human and customer oriented to provide professional services. We believe that ordinary people are able to make extraordinary achievements. We are committed to drive innovations and sustainability to contribute to the corporate and social developments.

MasterClean is dedicated to raising the self-confidence and self-esteem of people by providing opportunities and encouragements. MasterClean is a people-oriented corporate. Besides communications with clients, the internal communication of the corporate is also a key element that we value.  We believe that sense of mission and responsibility always lead to satisfaction and fulfillment. MasterClean’s dedication to provide quality services leads to the recognitions and trust of clients. We never satisfy with the current states, and so we always drive for better results. The people-oriented culture of MasterClean always drives people to learn and improve, and to create a complete network of talents and achieve in high level of corporate operation.  

Service Guarantee

MasterClean can provide you with a customized cleaning proposal with competitive pricing based on your requirements. With our advanced technology and systematic management system, we are able to work effectively and maintain a high quality service level, while keeping running costs low.
We will always listen, for we understand the importance of earning our customers’ support through providing quality services which meet their requirements.

Safety Guarantee

A third-party liability insurance of HK$10,000,000.00 could be provided, protecting clients’ property.

Emergency Support

We have sufficient mobile team with a fleet of motor vehicles operating round the clock and ensure that emergency support is provided. Our supporting teams cover the whole Hong Kong.

Continuous Training

MasterClean has strong concern on staff quality. By providing different kind of trainings throughout each time period of a staff, our service quality can be guaranteed. Our continuous trainings cover lots of fields such as cleaning standard, health & safety, customer service and leadership etc.

MasterClean mostly used Johnson Diversey detergents for the general cleaner, carpet cleaner, spot cleaner and sterilising materials, etc.

Certificates for the detergents
All Johnson Diversey (JD) detergents are registered with ISO 14001 and certified with Environmental Protection Agency, United States of America (EPA). 

For more details of the ingredients, the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and certificates can be provided.

In JD’s products, all harmful substances are prohibited. To nsure a strict restriction for all products, JD will regularly review and examine the formulas of each product to ensure the exclusion of any toxic and harmful substance against human health and environment.

Safety Pesticides Guarantees
All pesticides used by MsaterClean have been registered in the Agricultures, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong. 

MasterClean guarantees that all pesticides used are low-harm and safe to normal people in condition that pesticides shall be used in proper ways.

A member of Hong Kong Pest Management Association (HKPMA)
MasterClean will regularly collect intelligence of pest management to review and examine the pest management and services, in order to provide the best solution for different clients. To qualify to be a member of HKPMA, MasterClean has set out a series of operation code, quality control and standard, for pest management. These codes ensure an effective pest management to be provided, and allow MasterClean to provide quality pest management for different clients.

We Help You Succeed.

We provide a wide range of professional cleaning services and many useful information for you. We make a corporate brochure in which you will find our corporate information and the useful information of each service category. We believe this corporate brochure will give you a better understanding on what we can do and value for you.

Please click here download our corporate brochure.

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