180 Days Continues Killing Virus Coating-Happy Valley Large Premium Club

The situation of the COVID-19 epidemic is severe, and the citizens are fighting against the epidemic with 12 points of spirit. However, after busy work, many citizens will choose to take time to relax in the clubhouse, have a drink and chat, and eliminate work fatigue. In places with many people, our own health and safety will be threatened by the virus. We must provide protection for the health and safety of citizens to avoid the spread of the virus.


Site: Happy Valley Large Premium Club
Cleaning Time: One working day
Services: 180 Days Continues Killing Virus Coating

Masterclean was fortunate to be hired to perform a long-lasting sterilization coating that can last for 180 days in a large high-level club in Happy Valley, and to contribute to the society to protect the health and safety of the racecourse employees and the citizens who came to visit us. We can’t wait to set off.A single application of this highly efficient disinfection agent not only provides an almost instantaneous 99.99% reduction in pathogens, but it also goes on doing so 24/7/365 for over 180 days and routine cleaning only enhances its efficacy and longevity. This in turn, provides complete safety and peace of mind. In addition to greatly reducing the chance of cleaning staff being exposed to the virus, it further protects the safety of staff, as well as the safety of customers who come to the club.

Disinfection-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows:180 Days Continues Killing Virus Coating

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