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Air-conditioner / Other
Air-conditioner / Other

MasterClean Air-conditioning Cleaning & Maintenance

The moisture and dirt that can be found in the air-conditioning systems provide an ideal breeding ground for mold, germs, fungi, and other harmful microbes. As air passes through, it picks up those harmful materials throughout the indoors environment. These contaminates create not only an adverse working environment but also pose major health risks to people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. Regularly maintaining a good air quality improves the working environment and human health.

Professional Air Conditioning Services include:

1. Test whether the air conditioner is in normal operation

2. Monitor the temperature changes

3. Check whether there is any water leakage problem

4. Clean up the air-conditioner cover surface and filters

5. Clean up the fan blades and cooler drain pipe

6. Clean up and sanitize the fan coil cooler

7. Assemble the air-conditioner and final test

MasterClean Interior / Exterior Aerial Cleaning

For any cleaning of an overhead area or a special area, MasterClean provides you with an all-round cleaning service. According to the HKSAR regulation, for any standing area which is higher than 2 meters, an aloft cleaning service is classified. From general cleaning to any special cleaning service, MasterClean is committed to providing a professional working team with rich experience, and an aloft work employees insurance required by HKSAR regulation, giving you a safe and professional cleaning service.

Professional Aerial Cleaning Services include:

1. Interior ceiling cleaning for office / factory

2. Overhead / aerial wall and glass window cleaning

3. Exterior wall cleaning for building

4. Warehouse large shelves cleaning

MasterClean Office Sump Pump Cleaning & Disinfection

The Sump Pump is always set in the pantry which is under the washbasins. It is mainly designed for preventing greasy dirt solid-state from going into the drains directly, preventing the dross from accumulating in the trap and causing error of the systems. If cleaned regularly, it can prevent bacterial and smell.