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Office / Commercial
Office / Commercial

Are you unacceptable the service quality for your existing cleaning company?

Are you looking for a professional cleaning services for your office?

MasterClean provide a wide range of services for our commercial clients, a directly-employed, well experienced and uniformed cleaning service team to perform cleaning services for office and commercial buildings. We only use environmentally safe ingredient and materials to provide cleaning services. With our professional training and comprehensive supervision, our workers are enough to ensure the service quality and customer satisfaction. Office cleaning

MasterClean provides all around Commercial Cleaning as follow:

1. Daily Part-time Cleaning Service

Cleaning schedule to be provided by Clients, professional and trained workers hired by MasterClean provide cleaning services. The Monthly Service charged will be based on the working hours.

Service Scope: 

To vacuum clean carpet or non carpet area, wipe clean workstation desk and partitions, remove garbage and replace garbage bags, wash cups, clean toilets etc.

2. Daily Full-time Cleaning Service / Office Assistant Service

Professional and trained workers hired by MasterClean provide door-to-door cleaning service, the service charge is on monthly basis.

Service Scope: 

To provide daily cleaning service and office assistant service when required. Office Assistant Service includes document delivery, tea and coffee service, mailing and plant service etc.

3. Monthly Deep Cleaning Service

The deep cleaning service provides clients with a comprehensive cleaning scheme for the whole area. It is able to clean the areas that daily cleaning service not offers. For example:  the high position and ceiling etc. With the regular deep cleaning service, MasterClean provides a comfortable and clean working environment, increasing the efficiency of the office and ensuring the health of the officers.

Service Scope:

To wipe clean windows and partition, company logo, light tube covers, wire covers, ventilation covers, cabinets, Venetian blinds; to provide cleaning and disinfection service for telephones and office appliances, machine-cleaning for hard floor.

4. Office Carpet Cleaning Service

5. Pest Control Treatment

6. Pantry Sump Pump Cleaning & Disinfection Service

7. Fabric Chair and Sofa High Temperature Steam Cleaning Service

8. Office Post Renovation Cleaning Service

9. Office VOC / Formaldehyde Removal Service