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MasterClean Team
MasterClean Team

A project team of sufficient workers, foreman(s) and manager(s) will be deployed for each project

Before the implementation of service, we normally evaluate the number of manpower requirement based on our experience and the actual needs for the site. We will provide a standard project team with a standard number of workers to ensure a smooth operation. Having a pool of experienced workers, we will guarantee to provide sufficient supplement of any replacement for annual leaves, sick leaves and other reason(s).

A senior manager(s)/ an on-site foreman(s) will be assigned to lead the project team. The manager/ foreman will arrange regular meetings with workers to collect the latest information of the project on the site and responsible for quality control. With the internal evaluation scheme of the working performance, the manager/ foreman will regularly examine the performance of workers. If the performance of any worker is not able to reach our internal standard, internal training or penalty will be given to the worker. For the performance of the manager/ foreman, their performance will be regularly evaluated by the back office.

We always values advice from clients.

Hence we suggest arranging regular meetings with clients to regularly evaluate the progress and quality of the cleaning services. With the well-developed internal control for the project team, we believe we will provide an assurance for a smooth operation of cleaning service(s) for our clients.