MasterClean Carpet Systems Limited.
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Care for People, Well-developed

One of the well-developed cleaning service providers in Hong Kong. Established in 2011. MasterClean Carpet Systems Limited has gained a fast and all-round development in the past few years. “Care for People” is one of our core values. We keep an open and respectful attitude and highly regard of communication with our colleague.

We are now a team of professional cleaning workers with the well-developed codes of management. We believe that we are the best qualified and the most competent service provider.

High Quality, Customer Orient

We have highlighted our strengths, capabilities and experience across various cleaning services, we understand that offices have a high-level requirement for cleaning services and we have built up a combination of experience and capability to provide professional cleaning services for all office’s related facilities.

Having worked with leading organizations in different sectors in Hong Kong, MasterClean combines experiences in various cleaning services and best practices to offer value-added services for large scale cleaning services and projects, with an effective management strategy for the resources, MasterClean guarantees to provide timely and effective cleaning services for all clients. In addition, in case of any urgent situation, MasterClean assures to provide proper services and management for the settlement.

Our clients cover the field of the commercial, industrial and household. Over the past few years, MasterClean provides quality services with reasonable pricing, resulting in the wide acceptance and recognition in the local market.
Over the past decades, MasterClean has continuously collected customer advises and marketing intelligence with a series of questionnaires. MasterClean has received a significant amount of clients’ referrals and positive feedbacks regarding our services.

Corporate & Social Responsibilities
MasterClean believes that every business has an impact on society and the natural world we live in. We believe it is critical that each company, including Masterclean, strives to ensure alignment between its business operations and objectives and environmental and social concerns.

Company Culture
MasterClean encourages open and honest communication with customers and employees and considers this critical to ensuring that the company’s philosophy and ethics are maintained. In areas, processes or cultural, charitable alignments or partnerships we will only get involved if the requirement or target is clear, practical, and achievable and actually involves us in an active manner.

Environmental Impact
MasterClean is fully committed to continually assessing and minimizing the impacts of its operations on the natural environment and to do its part in protecting our planet's resources. This includes assessing and minimizing our carbon footprint, developing processes to minimize waste, increase energy efficiency and use environmentally friendly products and services.